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Self - : Throughout the text there is an important distinction between Self and ego-self, in that, Self is our spiritual identity, and ego-self is our physical identity. In our spiritual Self lies the full potential of our creative genius. Self is the right-brain proprietor of our personal unconscious and our only access to the universal mind. The collective expression of Self is the providence of man. The nature of Self could be described as the divine indweller within each of us, who only "sees" through the trust and innocence of consciousness itself, with no judgment and no blame. Motivated by the principles of wholeness, the character of Self is compassion, openness, and peace.

Source - : This is the creative energy of our universe - one of eternal becoming and infinite possibilities. Our connection to Source energy is through Self-knowing and our full potential for experiencing the Source is the oneness of pure consciousness. The character of the Source is Love.

Ego - : This is an identity born from Self with the purpose of developing objective awareness and cognitive functions in the physical world. After learning the process of physical cognition, the ego is then ready to serve the Self as the cognitive facilitator of an expanding awareness afforded by the creative expression of Selfhood. If ego remains separated from the Self, it can not discern truth, and the ego-self becomes a slave to the illusive world of objectivity and rational certainty. Motivated by the principles of separation (judgment, blame, anger, and hatred) the character of ego is competitive, closed minded, and aggressive. When ego is serving Self, it becomes a functional, rather then a subjective entity, and one's character returns to Self.

Matrix - : This is the artificial-intelligence (AI) created dream world exclusively embracing the left-brain principles of material reductionism, objectivity, and rational determinism (cause and effect) with just enough love and compassion to hide the fear-based principles of separation. The paradigm for "normalcy" used to construct the Matrix dream world was 1999 American society. Because the principles used to create the Matrix dream world are fundamentally the same as the principles of separated ego, the Matrix represents the collective ego which dominates the world view of today's American society.

Matrix Agents - : Agent Smith and his supporting cast of hundreds represents the tyranny of individual ego and collective ego. The purpose of the agents is to control the Matrix anomalies such as Neo in order to protect and serve the integrity of the Matrix source (mainframe). Ultimately, the purpose of ego is to facilitate cognitive awareness by serving the integrity of Source knowledge. As we see in The Matrix, when the agents stop serving their source, their new purpose becomes destructive. The same is true of ego.