Matrix Insights

1 Matrix police witnessing Trinity's incredible leap from the roof top of one building to another say, "That's impossible." This opening scene of The Matrix represents the expanding nature of man's potential. Rupert Sheldrake's morphogenetic fields or M-fields define a phenomenon called "formative causation" as, once an M-field is created, everyone who repeats the accomplishment reinforces the power of that M-field, making it easier for each that follow. Over time the power that this M-field creates elevates our collective reality to a new level. The inspirational commitment required to create a new M-field is a courageous act of faith. Later in the The Matrix, prior to Neo's first attempt to make the "impossible" leap, Mopheus guides him with the words, "Let it all go: fear, doubt, and disbelief. Free the mind." This represents the leap we all must make from ego based faith to Self-based faith. And we must remember as Cipher says after Neo's first attempt, "Everyone falls the first time."

2 Thomas Anderson (alias Neo) wakes up to read on his computer screen, "the Matrix has you. Follow the white rabbit." Morpheus represents the figure of the Jungian "shadow." According to Carl Jung, "the shadow" is part of our personal unconscious which retains the part of our personality that has been discarded by ego (gate-keeper of cognitive awareness or perception) over the years. Often it contains parts of the personality that have not been accepted and must be accepted in order to expand individual awareness. Thus, the shadow "wakes up" aspects of ourselves that are uncomfortable for us to face or relate to. Jung considered the reconciliation of opposites, the ego and the shadow, to be a difficult but significant task for individuals. Becoming aware of "the shadow" and integrating its message allows the psyche to free up more psychic energy. This is certainly the intent of Morpheus, although this requires an intuitive choice to overrule the integrating ego authority represented by the tyranny of the Matrix agents.