Matrix Insights

1 Matrix underground buys hacker software in order to somehow transcend the boundaries of the Matrix. The words, "You're my personal Jesus Christ," implies Neo's hacker talents to be analogous to Christ's teachings. Both transcend the boundaries of our egocentric, conventional thinking. Later we see in The Matrix Revolution train station scene that the Matrix architect accepts love, karma, and fate as "illusions" that are only tolerated in order to manipulate or appease the human mind. So there is an exchange of software information between the real world and the machine world of the Matrix in order to maintain the balance of power between rational certainty and intuitive knowing. The Matrix uses the information to strengthen their control over the Matrix anomalies, and the real world uses the information to strengthen the system anomaly. This represents the essence of the human struggle. As physical beings, our purpose is to control and resist life's experiences in order to prevent death, and as spiritual beings our purpose is to accept life's experiences (including death) in order to find expanded awareness and peace of mind.

2 Trinity says, "It's the question that drives us mad, and it is the question that brought you here." These questions are the mysteries that embrace us all, our reason for growth, and our reason for living. Behind all anxiety is the maddening question, "What is missing?" When we embrace our questions through mindful awareness we will someday live the answers. The Matrix represents the left-brain certitude that closes down our natural state of wonder and all hope of answering the "why." Our need for an expanding awareness can not be fulfilled by the fundamental certitude, analysis, and objectivity we find within the Matrix, just as there is no such fulfillment in today's old paradigm thinking.