Matrix Insights

35 Agent Smith's assimilation of the oracle's power of prediction and suggestion worked against him when he offered Neo the empowered suggestion, "every beginning has an end." This suggestion triggered Neo's connection to the Source, returning Agent Smith's program to the Matrix source, while reaching the goal of peace for all of Zion. This represents the return of ego to the Self and the resulting enlightenment and beauty of awakened awareness that inevitably follows.

36 The last conversation between the oracle and Matrix architect reveals the most important message: The attainment of peace and happiness can only occur with the powerful principles of the oracle (Self) superceding the egocentric values of the Matrix (collective ego). This conclusion to The Matrix Revolution is a clear picture of where we must go. The ability to "see" our world through peace and beauty avails when the ego serves the Self, and this is a complete inversion to today's dominant view of the world. Only if the loving principles of wholeness are not compromised will we expand our individual awareness and elevate consciousness collectively. This change is enormously important to the future of our children and to the continued existence of the human species. New Paradigm thinking is our acceptance and participation in the natural order of the human universe we call consciousness, affording every person the enormous potential of Self awareness and the genius of creative becoming.