Matrix Insights

9 Morpheus says, "The Matrix is a prison for your mind. This is a world that has been pulled over your eyes to blind you from the truth. You are in a prison for your mind. A prison you can not see, feel, or touch. But no one can tell you. You have to "see" it for yourself." In today's world, we sell our souls to economic, educational, military, religious, and political institutions that deaden our creative spirit. We bury ourselves in the certitude of control, which is analogous to "a prison for your mind." Discerning truth has always been our most difficult problem. An important aspect of human psychic development is the relationship between the ego and the Self. The Self is connected to the universal mind with themes of wholeness, truth, freedom, and spiritual essence. With no guidance of Self, the ego is in a constant state of illusion, gullible to the relative truths of fear-based principles such as material wealth and social status. This is what Buddhists refer to as the "hell realm" of consciousness. The Matrix denial of the noble principles of love accurately depicts this state of mind.

10 Neo must take the blue pill to return to the Matrix and the red pill to stay with Morpheus, who will show him "how deep the rabbit hole goes." Our spiritual quest for truth requires an understanding of the evolving process of consciousness, an unwavering commitment to the higher principles of wholeness, and the motivation and will to walk the path.