Matrix Insights

11 Neo awakens into the real world with the ability to see the Matrix for what it is. The Matrix umbilical connection to Neo is then severed and he is reborn into the world of mind-body experience. Just as the life experience of our consciousness feeds on the collective intelligence attained by each and every cell in our body, the collective consciousness of the living earth feeds on the memory of each and every human experience, each individually recorded and stored in the energy database we call the Matrix. The oneness of Self can only be awakened by transcending the highly restrictive belief system that is attached Matrix.

12 Neo is introduced into the Matrix construct where he becomes a "mental projection of the digital self." Morpheus says, "Our appearance is what we call residual self image. What is real? How do we define real? Real is the electrical signals interpreted by your brain, if 'real' is defined by what you hear, see, or touch." To bend or break the rules within the Matrix infrastructure, you must learn the functional limitations of the AI system. A fundamental rule of AI is the causal relationship between mind and physical cognition (perception). If we allow the genetic pattern of survival instinct to dictate our behavior, we are then under the control of physical law. On the other hand, if we become mindfully aware of the automated functions of the brain, we are not so bound by them. With this new awareness, we then begin to explore the vast potential of the human mind, and the power to "see" beyond the laws of materialistic reductionism.

According to Carl Jung, the rules of thought are but rules of association. So, if all meaning is by association, our dream experiences are as valuable as our wakeful experiences. Every experience that contributes to an expanded awareness is meaningful and real. Neo will learn this lesson in his training from Morpheus, and dreams will become a very important part of his world.