... the origin of our human life form is pure energy. 11 Atomic physicists have broken down all life forms to a subatomic level revealing infinitesimal particles within vast amounts of space, mysteriously connected within a system of energy. In the context of old paradigm thinking, the observation of this seemingly random pattern of subatomic particles could only be described as chaotic. And although the old causal laws of predictability did not hold true, the scientific community dismissed this as an anomaly, a unique exception to the causal law of physics - unique to the realm of subatomic research.

Then along came quantum physics, the science of chaos, and the science of kinesiology in the last half of the 20th century and now our understanding of the world has changed in a very meaningful way.
After decades of work by chaoticians, made up of the leading scientists and mathematicians in a wide variety of fields, the evidence is overwhelming: The world is not a gigantic clock as previously believed, where everything happens in an ordered and predictable manner. On the contrary, the real world is fundamentally disordered and free, but paradoxically reveals patterns of order, or M-fields, deeply embedded in the outward appearance of this apparent chaos. Physicist David Bohm's theory states that there is both a visible and an invisible universe that are connected to human consciousness by meaning. Contrary to Rene Descartes's separation-of-mind-and-matter theory, Bohm's "meaning" links mind and matter like opposite sides of the same coin.

Rupert Sheldrake's morphogenetic fields, or M-fields, are invisible organizing patterns acting like energy templates to establish form on various levels of life. It is because of the distinctions created by M-fields that class representations of species are produced. These M-field organizing patterns also exist in energy fields of consciousness as thought patterns and images--a phenomenon termed "formative causation." 19 The idea that M-fields assist learning has been verified by wide-scale experimentation. An example of this would be a child's natural ability to conceptualize beauty.

Once a new M-field is created, everyone who repeats the accomplishment reinforces the power of that M-field. Until the four-minute mile was broken, the prevailing belief system of the human consciousness considered this to be beyond the limit of human possibility. But after it was broken, a new M-field was created and it then followed that many runners were able to accomplish this feat. Once an M-field is created, it exists as a new pattern of meaning which is universally available throughout the invisible universe.1

This defines our universe as infinitely complex, with freedom and free will prevailing over rules and determinacy. The creation of the universe is not just a one-time event at the beginning, but one of constant becoming where everything and everyone participates. 24  Continue...

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