What is the source of today's negative conditioning and how does it limit our intuitive nature?

New Paradigm Conclusion: Western religion has fostered a strong belief in a personal God who metes out rewards and punishment in accordance with his moral laws. This implies an external God, with manlike qualities of ego that is completely separate from our human experience. We have inverted "man in God's image" to "god in Man's image". This has developed into a fundamental separation anxiety which limits us to an objective, rational, and materialistic view of the world. 9 As German philosopher Friedrich Schelling once said:

  • God sleeps in the Minerals,
  • Dreams in the Plants,
  • Thinks in the Animals,
  • And Awakens in Man.

Our evolving participation in this creative universe of constant becoming and the ever present wonder of where we are going are just a few of the expansive beliefs characterizing the necessary paradigm shift of science and religion. But there is one truth which is not acceptable to old paradigm thinking and is most fundamental to our new paradigm system of beliefs: The intuitive right-brain world of spirit, in connection with the universal consciousness of all mankind, now supersedes the limited and restrictive rules and boundaries of the left-brain world of ego and rational determinism. 3/34 It is our choice and our destiny to be free. 35 Even from a merely scientific viewpoint, salvation is indeed possible; in truth, it's guaranteed by the simple fact that the energy of a loving thought is enormously more powerful than that of a negative one. We have within our own essence the power of salvation. 36

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