How do we break down old paradigm conditioning?

New Paradigm Conclusion: Our only real obstacle to positive change is our motivation and willingness to discern and choose truth over illusion. 10 Frequently, the only way we can do this is by challenging each belief back to its source, until all disempowering beliefs have been purged from our belief system. The source of real power is truth, which can only be found as an expression of our creative Self. 21 Aligning our belief system with the principles of truth can only empower us with strength and knowing. 3 Our weakness is in direct proportion to our support of fear-based egocentric values. 15

Applied kinesiology has scientifically verified that love, compassion, and forgiveness is profoundly empowering; while revenge, judgmentalism, and condemnation inevitably make us weak. These same principles apply within the fabric of our society and governmental structures. Mahatma Gandhi, Nelson Mandela, and Martin Luther King were all empowered by the universal principles of human compassion and equality. Armed with these principles, they each single-handedly overcame the prejudice and narrow minded vision of governmental forces. 28

Treatise to New Paradigm Conclusion: Are we spiritual beings having a human experience or human beings having a spiritual experience? Are we undeniably connected to the Source of eternal life and meaning, or....  Continue...