After Effects of Near Death Experiences – Paranormal Podcast

Those that experience an NDE have survived an event that could have ended their life on this earth. What most of them don’t expect is how changed their lives become after that experience. Debra Diamond, a former Wall Street money manager now working as a psychic medium, has done an in depth study of what happens after the NDE experience in her new book “Life after near Death”.

Bob Bain explores the findings of Debra’s work and discusses the mysterious transformations that take place for those that have died…and come back.

* What is the difference between an NDE and an OBE?
* Do you have to clinically die to experience an NDE?
* Is there a criteria for measuring whether one has truly experienced a Near Death Experience?
* What changes happen after a visit to the other side? Are there after effects from an NDE?
* Debra discusses the transformation of self and consciousness, and how experiencers are changed to the core.
* Does religion influence an NDE or does the experience transcend religion?
* Where does consciousness live?

Captivating interviews from one of the best new voices in the Paranormal. Bob explores topics that other paranormal hosts and podcasters refuse to touch—and dares to ask the questions that needs to be asked. Mysterious Matters is consistently ranked as one of the to five Paranormal Podcasts to listen to. Some have gone as far to rank Bob above George Noory’s Coast to Coast AM and even Art Bell’s Midnight in the Desert.

Micah Hanks called Bob one of the best new voices in the Paranormal today, on Coast to Coast AM.
Take a listen, and find out why!

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Debra Diamond joined Mysterious Matters to discuss her research of Near Death Experiences with real experiencers of the phenomena. Does a person have to die to have a near death experience? Surprisingly our guest, Debra Diamond, said you do not need to die to have an NDE.

Take a listen to this edition of the Mysterious Matters, Paranormal Show on YouTube and get ready for our YouTube Paranormal TV edition this summer. This is one of the rare Life After Death podcasts / conversations that you will ever hear.

After Effects of having a Near Death Experience.

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