I’ve always been intrigued by the dark arts and demonic illustrations. Bands like Danzig, Slayer, Venom, and others have harnessed these dark art styles on the album covers and merchandise. My graphic t-shirt collection is extensive, and nearly all of them feature skulls, devils, death, and destruction! As a teenager, these predilections always worried dear old mom. She thought perhaps it was an indicator of a troublesome future for her boy. But the honest truth is that these subjects simply aid me in facing that natural human fear of death and pain. Embracing these topics helps me to overcome these fears in an enjoyable way.

I love the dark artworks of HR Giger, Zdzisław Beksiński, Blial Cabal, and RuffyMutt. They embrace these themes throughout their entire portfolios. Some may call their work morbid, but I call it the celebration of life by embracing death and the void. Demons, devils, imps, and witches hold a special place in my black heart.

I wanted to find a killer leather wallet with some kind of dark artwork on it. So I started searching for a badass wallet that really screams me. After finding a bunch of factory made garbage wallets, I finally stumbled upon this demon wallet featuring the style of Danzig album covers! This thing had a depiction of the cover art for Danzig I, and a d-ring for a wallet chain. When this wallet arrived in the mail I was so stoked at how awesome it turned out!

You see, some people are fine buying mass produced clothes, furniture, accessories; and just about everything just to save a buck. I’d rather spend a little more money in order to get things that were touched by someone who actually cared about what they were making. That’s why I like small batch craft beer, underground metal bands, hand carved wooden chairs, DMT Music, and home brewed kombucha. I want to embrace the craft that a person or group of people have put forth. Not just some mass produced tchotchke that’s worth nothing in the long run, but something that has someone’s pride and hard work invested in it!

So when I’m looking for something I need or want, I’ll search for handmade or bespoke items rather than the cheapest option I can find on Amazon. Yes, it can put a little stress on the old pocketbook, but it’s worth it to me. I want a story behind what I’ve acquired. And I’m lucky that these macabre themes that I love have a dedicated community of artists and artisans churning out a wide range of personal and household items for me to enjoy. I’ve found a number of them on Etsy and other bespoke product sites. 

I’m a big fan of horror and sci-fi movies. I’ve always loved watching the Alien movies by Ridley Scott. It’s such a rich dynasty of sci-fi monster goodness. HR Giger, my top favorite artist, designed the monstrous alien Xenomorphs that have become the staple in the alien monster heritage. More recent horror movies like Mandy, The Witch, Hereditary, and Midsommer have also fed this obsession of mine. And I can’t wait for more from these next-gen filmmakers. 

If you want to face your own fears of death and pain, embrace these dark works of art like I have! Not only will it provide entertainment, but will also frame your fears in a way that can be enjoyed and accepted!