Can Consciousness be transferred into a new-born Brain afterdeath?

Is Consciousness produced by a brain? It is one of the fundamental questions of Philosophy of Mind, as well as Psychology and Psychiatry, although both of them accept reductionist materialist vision, in general, as the presuppositions of their claims. Very brief characterization of a reductionist materialism is that consciousness is completely dependent on the brain design and its neurochemical activity. When our brain dies, ends our consciousness, too. There cannot be any transmission of consciousness into other world (or reality), and newborn brain can never acquire the past-life consciousness. The opposite of such vision is compatible with buddhism, especially with its presuppositions such as karma (rebirth) and reincarnation. There are several interesting facts and statistics in favor of rebirth and reincarnation, which can challenge western science and you can be familiar with them in that video. … For video thanks for “science for monks” community (