Consciousness = Memory Creation Observation (The most important video you will ever watch?)

Been feeling aware of being aware, lately? Oh but aren’t we all? *READ THIS DESCRIPTION FIRST/DON’T COMMENT IF YOU DON’T UNDERSTAND*

I will add more questions/answers to this “video” by way of annotation as they come up. This is merely to spark initial conversation.

I wish {the idea} of consciousness truly existed, and that it lived on after death in the form of a soul/spirit, but all evidence/proof points to death involving black silent nothingness at the end of all of this.

Rebuttals are more than welcome. This video exists because I wish to be proven wrong, not to be proven right. I do not want hope, and I clearly do not want hopelessness. I do not want to “hope” for life after death, I want proof of it. I want answers. Solid answers. Proof is preferred, but mere evidence is welcome as well. I just need the puzzle pieces. I’ll put the rest together myself. Hopefully. (Irony on the “hope” spin, huh?)

However, if my conclusions are correct, it means you and I are just highly intelligent experiencers experiencing our surroundings with the strong capability of retaining the information. And since we are so capable of understanding due to such a high level of memory “storage” so to speak, we find ourselves highly aware of the fact we will one day die (something no other known living creature can understand). I feel we are the highest level of being possible (in our dimension) since we are just barely on the level of self-control to not lose it and destroy all of our kind (although it seems like we’re close sometimes) over the knowledge of the imminent blackness that we are all destined to have to experience one day… and gullible enough in our distress to believe blindly in impossible things (see: “religion”).

PS: Our cells die and renew themselves every single day. You aren’t even the you that you were last month. You are only your memories, the renewing vessel we reside in is all we have to retain and convey any more memories. If a soul exists and near-death experiences are real, how can they remember their NDE? Memories are material/physical and created within the human mind… not to mention you wouldn’t be able to “see” your own body while being “outside” of it, because you wouldn’t have/need eyes, you would have something far more advanced for sensing your surroundings. Imagine a table. Now imagine an apple on the table. Do you see it in your head? Are you envisioning it? Okay. Now stop. Think back now. Do you remember thinking about/imagining/envisioning the apple on the table? Right, of course you do, meaning obviously that you can remember internal thoughts. The image was possible to recreate in your mind because you have seen an apple before, and you have seen a table before. You can arrange the images to create the thought. In other words, our minds are so advanced we don’t really understand how they work because they are us, and we can’t truly be above ourselves, and that is why our minds create ideas with what we have experienced to try to fill the holes with ideas of life after death through religious beliefs… which cannot be true given the explanations above and in the video.