Death is an Illusion! Consciousness Survives!

Society has scared us to death. That’s right! Society has convinced us that when we physically die we turn to dust. That we are no more. This is a huge misnomer. Consciousness does survive. We don’t just evaporate into thin air. And we don’t go sit on a cloud and play a harp. We reconnect with those who have gone before us. We continue to do those things that are of interest to us. Research has shown that the above is true. Near death experiences, after death contact, departing visions and even premonitions of things to come have been statistically investigated. These investigators are physicians, university professors, hospice nurses, educators, and mental health care professionals like author Carla Wills Brandon. If you are skeptical about life after death, if you this believe is just wishful thinking, if you feel such ideas are only for the uneducated and superstitious you might want to take a look at this video. In this video Carla shows us where to go looking for evidence of life after physical death. Several accounts are presented but, her main focus is to show that there is a great deal of statistical analysis and research which is available to all who are questioning. skepticism is a good thing, but don’t allow it to keep you from being your best researcher