Did Quantum Physics Just Prove After Life ?: Quantum Physics is now in the After Life Realm

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Did Quantum Physics Just Prove After Life ?: Quantum Physics is now in the After Life Realm

The study of consciousness has gained a huge amount of attention over the
past decade as we begin to not only realize more about the true nature
of our world, but as the growing desire to truly discover ourselves
becomes something we cant ignore any longer. Quantum physics may have
just proven that there is an afterlife. Scientist Robert Lanza claims that the theory of biocentrism teaches that death as we know it is an illusion created by our consciousness.Professor Robert Lanza
claims that life creates the universe, and not the other way around.
Lanza is no newbie to controversy. He has been working with cloning and
stem cell research for over a decade and with his new book Biocentrism,
he is attracting even more controversy. While his ideas are ahead of
their time, it doesnt help that the current scientific community is very opposed to new ideas and change.

means space and time dont exist in the linear fashion we think it does
and he uses the famous double-split experiment to illustrate his point.

According to Lanzas study, if space and time aren’t linear, then death cant exist in any real sense either.

it comes to these ideas, they are usually known on an intuitive level
and later move towards being proven at a scientific level. I personally
feel that we give so much weight to our rational, objective left brained
mind that we lose sight of a world that exists right along side that

There is a whole other side to us and this world that we
close ourselves off to in order to stay as scientific as possible. This
is one of the greatest hindrances we can put ourselves through as one of
the most powerful tools we have, our intuition/heart brain, is then
cast aside. The same thinking that allows us to realize amazing
scientific discoveries can also get us stuck in scientific delusions
should we not stay open to change. We are seeing this in a huge way as
we look at the divides that are being created in the medical and
scientific fields. Some are holding onto old ways, while others see what
has been right in front of us the whole time, simply by thinking with
more than just the mind (with the heart.) Its important to note that
although these ideas seem and are profound, they have been known for a
long while but simply have not been accepted by current culture.


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