DMT: The Link Between Worlds

9 years of research, 150 journeys into the spirit world over an 18 month period, 4 years of reflection and lots more research along the way all went into the making of this video.

Please enjoy my insights and understandings gained from a deep commitment to teach myself and experience all the things you don’t get taught in school.

Check these links out in regard to learning how to focus, balance and amplify your subtle energy’s.

The total effect of your subtle energy’s could be called the strength of your conscious awareness.

Depending on how strong your conscious awareness is will determine how efficiently you as a sentient being, incarnated into a human body can process and comprehend information.

There are many tools available now a days that combined together will help you train your mind and transform your subtle energy’s. These aids will help you to create success with your human endeavours and also because of your strengthened conscious awareness allow you to do things in the spirit world that would be other wise out of your reach due to not having the correct education (which acts as a foundation) or emotional maturity (which acts as your structure) this in turn denies you access to the advanced environments where great wisdoms are held by amazing spirits that can do amazing things in there world and ours.

Here are 4 tools that I use, they have helped me train my mind and transformed my subtle energy’s.

1. Holosync brainwave entrainment meditation CD’s…….this tool can train your mind to consciously focus in lower brain wave frequencies that normally only occur when you’re sleeping and in an unconscious state. The combined benefits of this daily activity strengthen your sensory perceptions.
2. Biofeed back technology…….this tool teaches you techniques via visual aids and audio instructions on how to manage your thoughts and emotions that will also assist you when you practice meditation. The combined benefits of this daily activity strengthens your emotional maturity.
3. Egyptian Healing Rods…….this tool will create balance for your subtle energy’s, by simply holding the rods with a firm grip your emotional energy will harmonize itself automatically. So when you are undergoing the process of strengthening your sensory perceptions and strengthening your emotional maturity your behaviour will not become erratic and you will be able to maintain a strong sense of self control.
4. Monatomic elements……this tool will amplify your emotional energy also known as raising your vibration. You simply mix the powder with some water or buy it premixed and drink it. Soon after your emotional energy will become amplified. It’s an effect that builds on itself, taken in small amounts your emotional energy will become stronger and stronger. Good emotions will become really good but bad emotions will become really bad so that’s why step 1,2 and 3 are so important. Without being consciously aware of what you are doing or why you are doing it can lead towards a complete mental and physical break down, so don’t over do it. I use this stuff.

By practicing these activities you will not only become stronger mentally and emotionally you will start to see opportunities others can not see. Your behaviour and ability to think will change and become more advanced.

Once you have developed your conscious awareness and enhanced your emotional energy whilst you reside inside of your body, if you decide to use DMT and project your consciousness into the spirit worlds not only will you be able to remain emotionally stable as you expand your perception of reality but you will attract spirits that share a similar emotional energy. Great wisdoms are held by emotionally advanced spirits if you want access to those wisdoms you need to prepare your energy before you blast off.