Goa Progressive Psytrance – DMT Live

The Digital Mountain Tribe at The DMT Lab in Whistler B.C – showcasing the latest in digital and electronic music from world festivals, open air’s and global underground dance culture.
Expect melodic Goa world beats, uplifting psytrance and dub styles, sublime bass lines with smooth grooves and soulful hook lines.

Stay in touch on twitter https://twitter.com/thedmtlab

Welcome underground to The DMT Lab where we fuse cutting edge electronic music with projected art and performers for both the live event industry and online markets.

Featuring the Digital Mountain Tribe with TestPilot, and VJ Matsui808 – enjoy!

1. Egorythmia – White Tunnel
2. Protonica – Greece
3. Time n Motion & Flexus – Twisted Mind
4. Flexus – The Beginning
5. Funky Dragon – Dreamer
6. Sideform & Zyce – Extasy Effect
7. Mindwave – Simple Moves
8. Atmos – Began as Another
9. Sideform – Eternal Light
10. Egorythmia – S.M.O.T.U.
11. Funky Dragon & Djane Betty – 7 Eleven
12. Time in Motion – Rainforest