INTRO to Consciousness Continues Short Film – Near Death Experiences

This video and the series are now available on for more information see: free with prime or commercials. This is a 13 minute short film. There is also a book and episode 1 and soon 2 of the series on Amazon. Search for Consciousness Continues.

Consciousness Continues chronicles the Near Death Experiences of 3 people who were interviewed for the series Consciousness Continues.

Official Selection of the Portland Premieres Festival 2014-
Official Selection of the Portland Film Festival 2013 –
This project was an official selection of film-com 2014, winning a direct pitch with industry executives
It was also selected for submission to Discovery Network/Destination America, After consideration Discovery Decided to pass.

his film features portions of the interviews for Kimberly Clark Sharp, Roland A. Webb, and Louisa Peck.

Produced/Directed/Edited by Heather Dominguez, Creative Consultant: Laura Perez-Martinez, DP Joe Kirkland, AC Katharina Raven Fleming, AD/Set Dresser Megan-Paige Hausner, Production Sound: Kellie Wilson, Associate Producer: Greg Wilson, Gaffer: Aaron Nelson Caviglia, , Original Music by: Renee Tyler

In October 2012 Heather Dominguez and Laura Perez-Martinez were having a conversation on where to focus their next project. Laura suggested Heather do a documentary about NDE because Heather was always talking about the subject and had been studying it for over 20 years She had expressed her dream of making a film that was spiritually uplifting and inspiring and Laura said “Maybe now is the time?” This is where Consciousness Continues was born. Through a series of serendipitous events the first interview came to fruition with Sondra Boyd November 2012. After that within 6 month 16 interviews had been conducted all to be highlighted in the series of Consciousness Continues.

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