Is there life after death, a journey of possibility.

Is there life after death, a journey of possibility. A Mix and mash up film getting people to think about where they came from, what they are, and about consciousness. There are talks from Philip K Dick, Anthony Peake, Dr Bruce Lipton, and Jurgen Ziewe of multidimensional man.

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Baby being born
From sperm to foetus 3D
Journey of sperm to egg
From The Big Bang To The Present Day
COMA Official Teaser TRAILER (2017)
Brainstorm – Afterlife Part
Love scene – ‘Blade Runner
Blade Runner, Opening Scene
The Man in the High Castle 2015
Total Recall 2012 Official Trailer
Inception – Ariadne Learns How To Build Dreams
greatest space scene in a movie
The Matrix – Deja vu
Interstellar – Trailer – Official Warner Bros. UK
Trip to center of hybrid fractal
Like in a dream – 3D fractal trip
Swiss Alps Drone Video – Mount Titlis – Featured Creator Thon Bauer
Near Space Weather Balloon Launch With Gopro To 109 000 Feet!
Skyrim Celestial
Open the Doors of Perception: From Hallucinations to Simulations with Anthony Peake
Red Ice Radio – Anthony Peake – Hour 1 – Philip K Dick – The Man Who Remembered the Future
Did Philip K. Dick disclose the real Matrix in 1977?
Jurgen Ziewe