Is There Life After Death? – by Deepak Chopra

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The Future of God (A Conversation between Deepak Chopra, M.D. and Kyra Phillips, CNN)

Deepak Chopra explains that what survives after death is not the old, conditioned, historical personality, it is your formless, self. Everything in life is recycled as your infinite Being uses change and form in its progression toward awakening.

Kyra: So is there life after death?

Deepak: Is there life after death? Yes. I think you have to understand though who is surviving? Who are you? If you are the formless void constantly experiencing yourself as form then yes your memories, your desires, your karma shall call it—and don’t get fooled by this word—karma—is just input/output. Right? If I ate a banana my body responds in a certain way. If I drink coffee my body responds in a certain way. If I ingest a toxin it responds in a certain way. If I am subject to anger or hostility it responds in a certain way. So it’s input and its output. That’s all karma is. The input and the output that your consciousness experiences– creates memories and desires and these memories and desires and the sum of input/output we call karma is what recycles like a spiral in the direction of higher consciousness. The ultimate goal is being one with our source. Our God. God is the infinite potential. So I almost think of God as generator, organizer, and dispenser of the entire universe. The universe is the form that the infinite, formless takes and we are like little cells that are recycling in that formless, evolving in a spiral to higher consciousness. So we experience ourselves as physical in the waking state. As subtle in our soul consciousness and cosmic consciousness, as subtle beings which are in all traditions angels, and beings, and devas, and goddesses. They are symbolic expressions of the consciousness in the subtle domain and then as formless beings. There is life after death because everything recycles. Even plastic recycles for God sakes. There is nothing in the universe that doesn’t recycle. Matter recycles, energy recycles, information recycles, and consciousness recycles. Your little part of consciousness is your soul and so that soul which is the drop in the ocean is also recycling, but don’t forget that the drop in the ocean is also the entire ocean in the drop. So you know, you are the divine ocean that has assumed this drop and your destiny is to become one with the divine. That’s the future of God.