Life after Death

The question is what happens after death? First of all there’s most definitely rebirth. There is a thing called rebirth. That is there because I have seen my past life. Rebirth is there, that’s for sure. Does everybody come back at the same time? No. When a soul leaves a body. The soul becomes a supreme soul. You can create your own world. This world is a creation of collective consciousness. Your world is a creation of your consciousness. For example, if you are feeling happy inside, everything feels great. If you feel sad inside, then the whole world looks blue and gloom.

When somebody passes away, at that time depending on (a) the final state of mind, the final thought they had when they left their body, (b) what was their training like throughout their life, their mindset and (c) their karmic account, what it is looking like. After that a soul merges in the supreme consciousness exactly the way a drop of rain from ocean goes in the ocean, evaporates and goes back to the skies. But it would come down.

Listen to this insightful discourse by Om Swami to find out more.