Life After Death..

Best viewed with the high-quality 480p setting, marked under the video.

Lindsay Wagner (“Joanna”) has a date with death, but doesn’t make it this time.
Many people who have had a near-death experience report moving through a tunnel towards a light, but none say they’ve had hands trying to pull them back in again. Awareness of “beings” standing to the side of the tunnel and watching are reported. They maybe helpers. Arm grabbing is scary but that part, at least, is not to be taken too seriously; it’s a film clip, with some Hollywood licence.
This is a good representation of a near-death experience, as reported, nevertheless.

This clip is from the US mini-TV series “From The Dead of Night” and is probably the best part of it!

Directed by Paul Wendkos.

Everyone wants to know what the ‘meaning of life’ is. Maybe you ought to consider this: the meaning of life is the overcoming of death.

Are you scared of dying? Do not be; you have been on the Earth for perhaps 60-90 years, as part of the natural cycle, but where were you before the first stirrings of consciousness after birth?