Life after death? Study shows mind remains aware even after the body is technically dead – TomoNews

NEW YORK CITY — Research from the NYU Langone School of Medicine suggests that people’s consciousness continue to work even after they have been pronounced dead.

According to the study published in the journal Resuscitation, doctors define death as the moment the heart stops beating, cutting off circulation and halting brain and other organ function.

Scientists looked at patients who flatlined but were later revived and found that 39% reported some form of awareness while technically dead. Several recalled full conversations, and saw things happening around them- details which were verified by staff present at the time.

Theoretically, this could mean the recently deceased are fully aware of their condition, and may even hear the pronouncement of their own death.

The study suggests the awareness may be a result of a burst of energy that is released in the brain immediately post-mortem.

This finding has been echoed in a 2013 research from the University of Michigan, which observed brain patterns pointing to a ‘hyper-alerted state’ in nine clinically dead rats.

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