My first trip on DMT

Popular Question 1: Where I got DMT. There is a lab out side of my city my buddy works at, we broke in one night and stole a patch. No seriously I got it through a friend & there is no lab.

How it feels like

How the tunnel looked like: The geometry of the tunnel is similar to the first image except the actual tunnel lacks depth, (like the second image, it’s completely flat) with WAY more intricate geometries within each polygon. Unlike the second image the tunnel isn’t originated from one single geometry, every polygon is around the same size (refer back to the first image)

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how the clouds looked like :

White beings: This picture is as close as it get of suggesting what the beings are like. Rather than black lines the beings are made from vast array of coloured lines and the colours are always shifting.

what my friend looked like: This image exaggerated a bit but the idea is there. The actual experience is similar to the drawing but overlaid on top of the human form.

How the plants look like :

All seen eye (pineal gland) (DMT portal):

Proof that our greatest inspirations are directly connected with the experience of DMT, consciously or subconsciously, I do not believe these design are possible without the influence of DMT.