Non-local Consciousness by Dr Pim van Lommel (Dudjom Buddhist & Life Enlightenment)

Dr. Pim van Lommel, a renowned European cardiologist, is the first medical practitioner to have undertaken a full and systematic study of near-death experiences. In his talk on “Nonlocal Consciousness: A Concept Based on Scientific Studies on Near-Death Experiences”, delivered at the Hong Kong Convention & Exhibition Centre on 9th October, 2011 (Sunday), Dr. van Lommel has discussed the implications of recent prospective studies which have led to the inevitable conclusion that consciousness can not be localized in a special time nor place, which is known as “non-locality”, and has thus led him to the conclusion that most likely the brain must have been a facilitating, and not a producing, function to experience consciousness. In this view, there is no beginning nor will there ever be an end to our consciousness. Thus, recent research on NDE seems to be a source of new insights into the possibility on the continuity of our consciousness after physical death, which fundamentally questions the purely materialistic paradigm and basic assumptions of contemporary scientific knowledge. The talk has been organized by the Dudjom Buddhist Association International Limited, co-organized by the Life Enlightenment Charity Foundation Limited, together with the generous support and sponsorship by the “Love Ideas, Love HK” Project of the Li Ka Shing Foundation in 2011-12.
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