Raymond Moody Inagural Lecture as Consciousness Chair at UNLV Dr Morse Presents

The Dude, the man, the Father of Near Death Studies,
The man who had the balls the size of mangos to write The Last Laugh.
I could tell you 100 great stories about Raymond Moody.

This is his Inagural Lecture when he was chosen to be the Chair of Consciuosness Studies at the University of Nevada, Los Vegas.

No props, no Powerpoint, no videos, no razzle dazzle. Just a man telling the students of his twenty plus years studying near death experiences.

Ok Ok Ok, one great story. I once lectured with Raymond in San Francisco. I called us the Dueling Doctors of Death. I went first, and gave my very conservative, very neurobiologically based talk, aimed at Medical Schools and Hospital type audiences.
At the end, I would very prudently say, “well near death experiences tell us what the final moments of life are like, and nothing more”.

So Raymond goes next, and he starts off with: Well Dr. Morse, as bright as he is, isn’t willing to comment on life after death. Let me say, “Yes, there is life after death and near death experiences prove it”.
The audience roared with laughter and appreciation, and I bounded back on the stage, gave that man a bear hug and said “you go Dr. Moody, you go”.
And Dr. Moody rocked that San Francisco audience, few left without tears in their eyes and a new understanding of life (and death).