Smoking 5-MeO-DMT to Mac DeMarco

I guess Mac DeMarco featured this on his facebook… Honestly I am honored. Mac, Great Guy! But anyways, This is what the smallest amount of 5-meo-dmt can do to you. I’ve done N,N-DMT plenty of times and had the most incredible experiences of my life, but I have never tried 5-meo until this moment captured on video. In the long run, I pretty much turn into a goofy idiot for 20 minutes, 5 meo is much different in the sense that you do not have any visuals except the residual visuals (from HPPD) that heighten into my vision when I do any other drug. You only need around 5-15 mgs to really feel the effects, after this video I experimented more with smaller amounts and larger, and I concluded that it felt more like a feel good drug than anything, I can’t really learn anything from my experience when I take it, it feels incredibly amazing though, its a complete rush of pure positive euphoria that gets so intense that it’s almost TOO good of a feeling. It feels way more intense than any other serotonin releasing drugs rush like MDMA, it can be more stimulating than sex, it’s insane how amazing this drug makes you feel. I felt like all I could do was laugh, and laugh and laugh. You can feel the energy rushing through your veins, and in every part of your body. I quickly realized 5-meo-dmt is much much different than normal DMT, and users should be EXTREMELY CAREFUL with it. It is active in such low doses that it can shock you and/or create a terribly uneasy experience for you if you aren’t ready or familiar to psychedelic experiences. Seriously, KNOW what you are getting yourself into. Be careful! Peace and Love or whatever stuff makes you feel one or at ease with yourself.