Spirit Space; A Journey Into Our Consciousness- Trailer

“What the Bleep do we know?” meets up with Life after Death. In this controversial yet inspiring film we investigate the big question we all face at one point or another: What happens after we die? To find the answer, the film opens cases from individuals who have been hypnotically regressed to a point between lives–after death, and even before birth.

Not only does the film grapple with reincarnation, the spirit world, and the nature of the human soul it also tackles equally sticky questions such as -Is there a Heaven and Hell? and What is a spirit?- Viewers with a penchant for skepticism will balk at the lack of physical evidence to back up the claims in Spirit Space, but the film remains a reassuring voice, affirming that our existence is not limited to the boundaries of our mortal flesh.
The film also discuses the out of body experience, remote viewing and a possible quantum look at how its all possible.

Featuring Quantum Physicist Fred Alan Wolf, best selling author Miguel Ruiz, Apollo 14 Astronaut, Edgar Mitchell.
If you’ve read Michael Newton’s “Journey of Souls” this movie is a must see!

Also featuring Laurie Monroe, Linda Backman, Linda Gabriel, Skip Atwater. Pre-order your copy today.
Directed by Braden Barty