Stephan Schwartz – near death exp, remote viewing, quantum consciousness

Are you interested in non local Consciousness?

The Institute sits down with Stephan Schwartz to examine consciousness from the perspective of material science.
Non-Local Consciousness and Exceptional Experiences, Near Death Experiences, Ghost in the Machine and Psychic Phenomena.

Stephan’s Work includes books, and research papers on Remote Viewing and Archaeology, Anthropology, Medicine and Healing, Creativity, and Social Policy.

He publishes the Schwartz Report ( a daily news service about global trends that will affect your future.

Join us on this journey!

Stephan Schwartz, Scientist, Futurist, Historian, Author

Filmed during the second international meeting for “The New Paradigm in Physics” hosted by Ervin Laszlo, The Laszlo Institute for New Paradigm Research
Villa Demidoff Bagni di Lucca, Italy January 30-31, 2016