The Alex Jones Show – Joe Rogan DMT Interview

Alex Jones welcomes to the show Joe Rogan to discuss the importance of Dimethyltryptamine or more commonly known as DMT. Anyone that has experianced a lucid dream or have done an extracted form of DMT knows just how important this subject is.

It has been said that when you are awake you only use 10% of your brain, but when your asleep I belive your Third eye is wide open and you are using more of your brain than you ever will in your life! the only other time your mind will be that open and that recepive is when you die and wake up from this reality and become that cosmic one consciousness that is the universe, what if we are all a part of God’s dream and just dont know it, what if all of this is only a dream and when you die you really wake up? Have you ever experianced a lucid dream? What are these dreams trying to tell us, or show us?, they embed a very deep and prowerful meaning, what that meaning is, is up to you, and how you interpret it. what if you could dream with your eyes open? _VALIS1974

record date: 05-27-08