What Can Happen With You And Your Body After DEATH in Hindi

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What happens to a human body after death in Hindi

Death is a rule with no exceptions. Everyone is familiar with death because death near us is decreasing and sometimes even in front of our eyes, in which some people, people living nearby, or some people, either a pet or ourselves as well.
More than a hundred people die every minute in the world. So at least in your mind will such a question arise that what happens to our body after our death? What changes are there in our body?

After death, the amount of oxygen in the body ends within a few seconds. mind ceases to work, neurons stop working and most parts of the body stop working. The muscles relax, and if you have seen someone die, at that time the stool’s urine comes out, then due to its muscles relaxes, it comes out automatically.

His heart stops working 15 to 25 minutes, leaving the blood flow of the body closed, and due to the clogging of blood, it gets deposited in the lower part of the body, causing its body to start pale. .

After a few hours, the skin in the body starts reddish in color and it gets reddish in 12 hours, the forensic expert determines the actual time of death.

Within 3 to 6 hours, the body has lost all its energy and also the muscle collapsing protein gets stopped so that the body starts to become rigid. If the body is not impregnated with any kind of chemical coagulation, then the body stays in any condition.

Due to the death of cells, the body gradually decomposes, these dead cells accumulate in the absence of blood flow. This causes the cells to rupture and rupture, and the cytosol is released, which contains functional proteins and enzymes, which eliminate the surrounding tissues. Almost 100 bad microbes also support the disruption of the body. The bacteria of the gastric and intestinal tract start to eat the appendages of the stomach. This whole process is called putrefaction, where things are smelly.

By the end of amino acids by bacteria, excessive foul odes are produced, which attract many insecticides such as mites, rotten shrimp and flies and they all lay eggs in dead tissues. These eggs break up within 24 hours and their larvae eat tissues to survive. Within one week, this larvae consumes 60% of tissues, which cause holes in the body, resulting in the decomposition of the fluid and the gases are released.

Within 20-25 days, the process of fermentation or fermentation begins, which attracts beetle larvae protozoa and fungus. This whole process is called dry decomposition, and it takes one year to complete, it is faster at high temperatures. In many subsequent years, the remaining parts of the body eat plants and organisms, the skeleton remains.

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